Painful healing

Pain is a great indicator of healing they say. Pain is a sign of recovery. Pain is a gracious reminder our bodies are compromised, in need of attention and care. But it requires us to slow down, to stop, to pause, to take more time and effort over our steps, our breathes. Pain reminds us… Continue reading Painful healing

Living in fear

We live our lives in fear. Fear that grips our hearts, overrules our emotions, drives our decisions, flows from the deepest places of our hearts. Fear that influences our words, actions, dictates the times we speak and chokes our words, catching them in our throats and rendering us speechless. Fear that affects our bank balances,… Continue reading Living in fear

Defining love

A groom beholding his bride walking towards him overcome by the beauty of the moment, the glory of his beloved. The gasping overcome breathe of a father as his firstborn enters the world and he holds fast his weary wife and precious child in fearful, protective embrace. Breathless, tearful goodbyes between lovers soon to be… Continue reading Defining love

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