Strong claims of a Father’s strength…

Gliding through the River Thames with his daughter on his back.

Scooping up and carrying his girls downstairs, piggyback and piggyfront.

Rescuing an overconfident toddler from the top of a tree.

Sheltering children from battering winds, huddling them inside his coat.

Running with his determined three year old in her first race, carrying her when she falls. 

A Father’s strength is indeed mighty in the eyes of his children. My Daddy is so strong he can even lift that whole car. My Daddy is stronger than yours. My Daddy can definitely carry you home if you’re tired. Strong claims from confident hearts awed by their Father’s power.

Memories of being carried on shoulders, of swimming on backs powerfully recall the seeming effortless strength of our Fathers. They are indeed powerful, mighty and strong. Our fiercest defenders in battles, our advocates in life, our Fathers’ strength is the reassurance to worried hearts on a first day at school. It is the grounds of a child’s confidence as they climb the biggest tree, the peace even as they venture into that first relationship and the grip and squeeze of loyal protection as they walk down the aisle to another. 

A Father’s love is powerful. A Father’s strength is mighty. And yet a Father’s power is bound to a given time, place, and season, and the days of swimming on backs and being rescued from trees soon feels like a distant memory. The challenges and battles become more than stormy walks home from school, or the falls and trips in a playground. 

The challenge you face at the moment is beyond your strength and beyond your father’s. Long gone are the days you rode on your father’s shoulders, but you do have a Father’s strength, and it is everlastingly almighty, all powerful. 

Our Heavenly Father gives to his children his omnipotent strength and power to contend against every battle, not as a superdad, ‘stronger, better, but as the Almighty to whom every Father should look, and every child find strength in. The Almighty who carries you home on his shoulders, rejoicing in you as He goes. The Omnipotent whose everlasting arms of strength are eagle’s wings that bear you up, that cause you to soar when you thought were sinking.

Our God is an Almighty Father whose omnipotent power is more than enough for the worry, fear, pain, challenge in front of you. Your doubting may feel incapacitating, you may feel gagged, helpless, empty and weak. Rest on the everlasting arms, take refuge and comfort and strengthen your soul in God’s omnipotent power.The power that defeated death itself, sin, the world and the devil, the power that did not leave with Christ’s ascension but remained in the fullness of his Spirit at work in your heart, fanning into flame your weak heart and small faith that feels like a smoldering wick. God knows our weakness and he tenderly and powerfully carries us, strengthens us and calls our hearts to hope on his strength for us in the battle we face.

The days of being carried by your earthly Father may be long gone, but your Heavenly Father is the Almighty, strengthening and sustaining his beloved child with all power from on High, defending his sons and daughters against all that threatens them in this fallen world. 

Resist help and God’s strength and we remain stuck in the treetops of our pride, walking backwards against the stormy walks home, and our doubts may turn to despair. But rest in his strength and we will run and not grow faint, we will battle and be upheld in the challenge that can only be faced with Almighty power from an all loving Father.

Finally my brothers, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might

Ephesians 6.10

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