Timely questions

As I scan my eyes around my living room, I can trace a history of our family life through the smiles and candid shots captured in frames. 

Photographs tell a story. They capture memories and they allow us to recall precious times. The looks of the moment held forever. 

The past brought to the present; Our present taken to the past. 

We love to look back, to linger in the past, to reminisce and reflect:

Whether it’s holding on to those children who seem to be growing so fast, willing time to pause and stand still, even go back;

Sweetly remembering the days you had time in your marriage to sit and talk for hours uninterrupted;

Lightening the mood by sharing memories of family holidays;

Reminiscing of life that felt and seemed far less complicated.

Life last week, last month, last year. 

There seems much comfort in this. Much joy to be gained, memories to be poured over and shared, but the lingering in the past can turn to longing to be back there and before we know it we can feel hard done by in our present situation. The candid shots, the captured smiles, the beauty of those framed moments around our house also miss out so much. We don’t tend to frame the times of pain, of illness, of despair, marital strife and nights of tears. Even if they happen to have been caught on camera, they tend to be stored away, kept out of sight, deleted from the files. We don’t reminisce on pain. Our telling of the past and our lingering there can be selective and it can rob us of the joy and purpose of the present. 

Say not, “Why were the former days better than these?”For it is not from wisdom that you ask this

Ecclesiastes 7v10

How often are we hearing this and saying this at the moment! Lockdown 2.0 of 2020 is upon us, and we are pining and craving for the pre-Covid days.

But as we ask this, we do not do so from a heart of wisdom. Is your heart like mine?

Does this question we ask come not from wisdom but from pride? 

Pride as I frustratingly wonder why my strategies for covid coping and lockdown living are not working better and serving me better

This questions comes not from wisdom but from fear.

Fear and worry about my comfort in this world, rather than my secure eternal hope in Christ

This question comes not from wisdom but from unbelief.

Unbelief in the sufficiency of God’s grace, doubting his providence, his sovereignty, his tender care and goodness through this all. 

This question comes from my lazy heart.

Not striving to pursue godliness and righteousness in these more difficult days. 

This question comes from my apathetic heart.

Forgetting that in suffering, in trials, God promises to refine our faith, deepen our desire for Him and renew us in the image of His Son. 

What is the family history we want to create in these days, as God’s people, His church? What moments do we want to capture? What are the questions of wisdom that the Lord is asking us to bring before Him during these times, this day, this moment?

Those questions that come from wisdom and I have heard spoken from the hearts and lips of beautiful godly saints in my life:

How can I serve you today Lord?

How can I taste and see your goodness now in this moment?

What are your plans and purposes for me here and now heavenly Father?

What is your will in this situation?

How can I walk in your ways and fear you instead of man, instead of this situation?

This is a time of seeking wisdom that comes from above that we might ask of this moment the questions that come from wisdom with hearts that are firm trusting in the givenness of this day from our good, all loving, all powerful and all wise God. 

This day, this very one, is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. 

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