Christmas Continues

I don’t think I realised the trauma that I would be inflicting on my children by my household chores that morning. The end of the Christmas holidays last weekend meant I wanted a clean, clear house before term started, so away went the Christmas decorations. “I don’t want Christmas to be over. Why can’t we keep our tree up?”. Actual sobs and clinging onto decorations; they were devastated. Next year I will definitely need to plan ahead!
But that’s the point. I thought I was being highly organised, planning for the start of term. We’d made the most of family time, games, walks, rollerskating and cycling, and eating all the stocking sweeties and chocolate by the fire. I was ready and planned ahead for term time which lasted all of one day for the children in school. 

So Lockdown Homeschooling take 2. Now two things have struck me about myself in the whole 4 days into this new plan:

First of all, I thought I was a pretty willing homeschooling parent. I love my kids. I love family time. I’m up for this. Let’s go. I’m willing. 

Secondly, I thought I was able. I can do this. I was a teacher before and the girls are in Reception and Year 2. I’m sure I can handle the material.

You know what’s coming. I have actually found out this about myself:I am unwilling!I am unable!

I have humbly learned units are now ones and my pound sign is not the same as the teacher’s, and that some moments I’m just not up for another round of phonics snap. But I keep thinking of my children’s reaction to the Christmas decorations being boxed away, and how I’m equally prone to thinking Christmas is stored in the garage until next Advent season. But being confronted by my unwillingness and my inability, the truths and beauty of the gospel message so miraculously shown at Christmas have triumphed through. The decorations may be packed away but the truths revealed of who God is, through the Christmas season, continue into our Covid homeschooling, into our covid callings whatever situation we find God has placed us in now. 

For our God who is high and lifted up, who is God of the heavens and the earth, who is Lord over all, came down to be God with us. Our transcendent God above, came to reveal his immanence, that He is God with us. Coming down to show us the nearness of his love for us, the extent of his love and compassion, the closeness of the intimacy that he desires in loving relationship with us.

God’s transcendence proclaims he is mighty, he is great, but it does not mean he is ‘too great’ to care, but rather that he is too great to fail. The truths of Christmas that continue into covid lockdown: Our God is willing and he is able.

The depths of these truths cannot be shelved or boxed away until next Christmas. They remain with us as we leave the Christmas Season and continue into the calling God has placed on our lives, through Christmas and through Covid.  

He is willing and able to redeem and deliver. In Jesus, God revealed himself as one willing and able to heal lepers, to honour women who had lost all dignity and self worth, to calm storms, to restore the hope of mighty centurions and be near the bedside of little children and serving mother in law’s. He was willing and able to defeat the grip of demons on people’s souls, open eyes of the blind, reveal truth to little children and feed the hungry, he was willing and able to deliver us from the wages and curse of sin and triumph over death and darkness that should be ours. He was willing and able to save us to the uttermost, to awaken souls to life. 

He is willing now to equip you to deliver you to uphold you on your calling during covid. Past the Christmas season, his transcendence and immanence is the strength of your heart.

As you homeschool resistant hearts and will your own resistant heart, He is willing and able.

As you contend for truth in a world gripped by fear He is willing and able.

As you live out your calling as a wife or husband to your weary spouse, He is willing and able

As you feel the inadequacy of your own will, entrust your deepest inclinations, fears, desires, entrust the true state of your heart to His power, His might, His willingness and ability to transform and redeem even our inclinations and our wills and turn them towards Him, towards the things that He delights in. 

As you cry out to Him, Lord compel me to live in faithfulness, in willingness to serve you and those before me, entrust that our God transforms the hearts of his children to such an extent we become faithfully compelled and faithfully upheld. Children compelled to act in willing surrender to the praise and delight of our Heavenly Father, upheld by His sovereign power and grace. For our Father who did not spare his own Son but willingly and purposefully gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?

Let your hearts be strengthened by your God who is Lord of all and Lord with you..transcendent over all and immanent with you. The truths of our God and his continuing work of deliverance for his children, for you can never be boxed or shelved. Your heaven;y Father’s calling for you over Christmas continues to his calling for you during covid. The beauty, miracle and glory of who God is as transcendent and immanent Lord over us and with us continue still. Our God is willing and He is able. Speak to your heart these truths that can never be boxed or shelved, that can never be constrained by Covid lockdowns, that are never confined to one season of the year.  

He came down to earth from heaven

Who is God and Lord of all

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