Living to God

It’s so great to welcome you to my blog,

I’m Emily, a wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter, runner, baker, cyclist, in no way a knitter or sewer, a disastrous gardener, and a fiercely competitive games player…. and I believe God should affect all of it

I believe God has spoken to us powerfully, clearly and in a way that transforms lives through his word. My desire in life is simple: to love God and his Son, Jesus in the power of his Holy Spirit, learning from and loving those around me, and being constantly amazed at God’s work in our lives.

Our God has graciously and lovingly made himself known to us. He has spoken to us, given us the gift of his word, the church, and the continual presence of his Spirit within us, opening the eyes of our heart, showing us who He is and who we are before him, and continually calling us to come to Him.

My longing is to keep pursuing him, keep seeking him, keep worshipping him in spirit and in truth, knowing him more deeply each day, and when he leads me to the secret things, the mysteries of infinite holiness that my finite mind cannot understand this side of heaven, to bow in worship and adoration of Him.

For this reason, I am passionate about studying theology as worship of who God is. Theology when approached with a humble and worshipful heart is far from dry orthodoxy. It is a redirection of our heart’s gaze onto God.

As William Ames so rightly put it, ‘Theology is the doctrine or teaching of living to God’. Theology is at its most glorifying when it cannot speak without at the same time worshipping. It cannot but lead to discipleship, bidding us come follow not itself, but Christ alone.

We have a rich, beautiful heritage of Christian writers, whose devotion to studying the Scriptures, has left us a treasure trove of worshipful, reverent theology that points us to the One who has called us, who bids us to continually come.

We can spend our whole lives talking about God and never run out of words to say. Who God is affects every part of my life, and with all my heart I know who God is affects every sphere of your world too.

So welcome to my blog and let us look to Jesus together. I’m afraid you won’t find polished journal articles. What I can promise you is an offering of how the Bible, and how its theological truths work out in day to day living, through the chaos and trauma, the mess, brokenness, and through the mundane and the dreary. Who God is, as Father, Son, and Spirit, affects every part of our lives, every moment of the day.

When Jesus sent out his disciples, he told them, ‘You received without paying; give without pay’.

So, this is me, giving from all God has given me, out of a thankful heart, my heart that daily, hourly cries, ‘Lord I need you. Lord I believe. Help my unbelief.’

6 thoughts on “Living to God”

  1. Hi Emily!
    Excited for your new blog and looking forward to reading more. We hope you are all well. Xxx


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